Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

But not really, because I don't get paid! I will now give you a brief synopsis of the main 'unwritten rules' of Ukraine"

1) Do not mix food and business.
Yes this business meeting is scheduled from 8am till 5pm, but that's because from 8:30 until 4:45 we are having tea time and we cannot talk about money while eating, it's rude.

2) If it is ninety degrees out in December you still must wear 50 layers.
It's still winter, regardless of the temperature!

3) If you think you're a nice teacher, you're doing it wrong.
Parents are happier when they see their children have more homework, it means that the teacher is making them work. It goes with the theory that the more work you give a person, the less time/energy they have for social problems like bullying and low-self esteem...

4) Never say something bluntly.
Your job is to beat around the bush as much as possible. So if your friend says "I was drinking tea..." and then changes to "I want to go to the store..." and then on to "what do you think about..." it obviously means that the two of you will meet for lunch tomorrow, at noon, by the library and don't forget to wear your red shoes.

5) Talking about interests is very important to forming a good relationship.
As long as your interests are salo, politics, potatoes and Soviet poets. (Which may sound limited, but I assure conversations on these topics go on for hours at a time!)

I hope this helps anyone who is curious about life here! I will upload more 'rules' as I discover them :) Also, it is currently 4*F, which means... I think my eyeballs froze a little bit on my walk to work today.

Sophia Church in not Shepetivka!

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