Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Father, It's been three weeks since my last confession update. A lot has happened since we've last had an update, but most recently and excitedly I have been to the Carpathians!! There is a 3K, 10K, half marathon and marathon hosted every year in the wine country of Ukraine on the Hungarian border. As a bunch of Americans we packed our selves in for a 10+ hour train ride across the country and in the morning we found ourselves in an old village nestled between mountains, castles and clouds. We started off by finding the house we'd rented and packed our things in and walked in to the center of town. There were festivities lining all the streets... home made wine vendors, shashlik, music, and cotton candy! 

So the day was (naturally) spent drinking wine, eating some coal-cooked meat, and wandering the streets of a gorgeous city. The next day was spent getting up super early and making stunning posters for our friends who were running in the marathon, sprinting to get to the finish line and STILL missing ALL of our friends cross the finish line. However, they all still did very well.

In other events, today was my last day teaching my 4A class and my 5A class, so there were a lot of tears, and it was so sweet to see how much they cared. Of course, I'm sure they'd rather be running around than in my classes, but it was cute and I got tons of hugs! Tomorrow I will have a party in my 7B class to celebrate the end of school, and maybe a party in my 6A, too; I'm not sure yet!

Next week I will be hosting a summer day camp at my school for the whole week, and I'm so excited to spend time with my young kids (8-11yo). If any one has any fun summer activities for a group of 25-ish kids, let me know! They have good English and an overwhelming amount of energy. 

That's all for now! I hope everyone is doing well!

Over and out,