Saturday, April 28, 2012

Those Days

You know those days when you remember how you thought your job would be, and then you realize how wrong you were?

Today is not that day for me. I took my wonderful sixth form students around the schools garden and we learned words like 'branch', 'twig' and 'blossom' while birds chirped. I felt like I was in a movie!

Too Cute!

Delays Delays

I haven't  been updating much lately, but that's because there isn't much going on. There are further developments in the Pit of Despair however! The section closest to the school, where every child walks every morning, is now infested with a giant swarm of bees. Have fun getting to school now, kiddos!

Other than that, nothing has happened here, although next week will be POSTING MADNESS. I will be going to LVIV TOMORROW, which I am very excited about... I will also go to a forest, have shashlyk (like a barbeque) and see some friends that I miss dearly. I'll try and remember to take pictures!!

(Imagine there is a picture of hornets here. I tried to find one but I got too creeped out.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It has been a long delay since I have updated, and I apologize! But it wasn't my fault in the slightest. I returned from my spring break adventures to find myself with no internet. Alas, now I have a connection to the world again!

I am posting just to say 'I LIVE', but I'll post again tonight with actual interesting things. I might actually get a package today, which I am really excited about.