Friday, February 17, 2012


Well, it seems that I will be moving again. My landlady is nervous about me staying in her apartment after all the new visa changes. The government requires that she gives them a copy of all her deeds in order for a foreigner to stay on her property... this makes no sense, haha, but oh well. So me and my team are searching for a new apartment, but I have gotten so used to my mini-palace that I am a little worried now! I like my fairly consistent hot water, warm house and spacious bedroom/living room. Most of all, I am not ready to pack everything up. I arrived with this:

But I have accumulated a lot and now I need to pack up this: 

Not literally, but the point is that I have way more stuff now than I did two months ago... I don't know how I will pack up and move myself out and then in to a new place, haha. 

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