Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh the Joys!

Reasons why I love teaching in Ukraine:

Today I was supposed to have four classes. I arrived to school promptly at 10:30am, and was told that the class I was there for, had already been taught. So instead of teaching, I went to the cafeteria and had some chicken, tea and mashed potatoes. Then, I went to teach my next lesson. However, another colleague decided that she wanted to teach the class. So I returned to the cafeteria for another tea and some cake (I live a very classy life). Afterwards, the bell rang and I made my way to go to the sixth period, however, on the way, I bumped in to the 'class mistress' of the tenth form (who I was supposed to teach) and she said that she sent them all home. Instead of teaching then, I went to the teachers' room and practiced some Ukrainian grammar to try and be productive. Alas, the bell rang for the seventh lesson, upon where I was to teach eighth form German. However... the seventh lesson was promptly cancelled due to the teachers not wanting to be there anymore. Overall, I'd say I had a  very successful working day!

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