Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shower Is Half Full

With no sarcastic intentions, I woke up today thrilled to find it another gray, rainy day. It is a wonderful 55* and I'm wearing my flannel! I really can't handle the summer heat, plus rain always makes me feel like I'm in a Jane Austen novel. I made breakfast, cleaned up around my apartment, and then hopped in the shower.

My shower is my absolute favorite part of my day. When I was younger (and didn't have to pay my own water bill), I could spend an hour in the shower, easily. Here, in Ukraine, I'm forced to be much more eco friendly. So I put on my new radio app (thanks, mom!) on my iPhone (thanks, dad!) and jumped in. I lather up my hair and... and... THE WATER TURNS OFF. Completely. No water. At all. The lights flicker. My power goes out. In the darkness of my windowless bathroom I rinsed as much shampoo out as I could with bottled water. Then the lights came back on... still no water though!

Alas, the glass shower is half full... because I'm getting muffins today!!



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