Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Things Every Ukrainian Home Has

1) A shoe horn.

This may seem unnecessary and even a little frivolous, but every home must have one. What did my landlady say to me this morning when I could not offer her a shoe horn? "You're American, you'll learn."

2) A jar of holy water.

The type of jar you put this water in is completely inconsequential. Vodka bottles, jars for pickles, bottles of sunflower oil... anything with a lid really. This jar comes in handy very often... like when you realize someone touched your crucifix - holy water! When you missed church (every) Sunday - holy water! When you've sinned while wearing your crucifix - holy water!

3) Salo.

Raw pork fat, sometimes flavored with garlic and/or salt. How could one refuse? (It actually is delicious!). Upon moving to Ukraine, I was given the essentials - 50 years supply of potatoes and ten pounds of raw pork fat. YUM!

4) Wallpaper

Something with a 1960's touch is preferable, and if you can find wallpaper that glitters... you're golden! 

5) I know you're waiting for potatoes, but no. Tea.

Skip the question "Tea or coffee?" and get straight to "how much sugar?". So much tea. Everywhere. Break time at work? Still in your office? Tea appears! A surprise stop-by your neighbor's house to ask a question? Tea is already waiting for you! Tea is a magical concept that warms the hearts and bellies of many a people. 

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  1. The shoe horn, so true!! Every time I try on shoes the salesclerk gives me a disapproving look for not using her shoe horn :p And the wallpaper here, oh the wallpaper! Don't forget the lace curtains too!