Saturday, February 4, 2012


As I prepare myself for sleep at this late hour, I must ask one final question... one question that has been haunting me since... 6pm this evening.

I attended a variety show of sorts this evening, and it was put on by the lovely youngsters of my community. They do not speak English, yet the choose to dance to songs with English lyrics. I watched four teenagers tango to 'Lady Marmalade', and two boys dance to 'Roxanne'. However, most confusing and unexplainable was the troupe of twelve first graders who, dressed in short French Maid and which tap danced to a Jack Johnson song.

Does this make sense to anybody?

(sorry, no picture for this one, I was too stunned to snap a shot).

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  1. HAHAHA. I have no witty comments for this, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated this post.